Utility-Scale Power Plants

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As is the case in many countries, utility-scale power plants that produce renewable energy at the megawatt level are eligible to receive the Turkish government’s support via financial incentives. These power plants, whose operating costs are much lower than those of conventional power plants, can sell renewable power to electricity distribution companies at a government-guaranteed price over a fixed period of time. Companies or individuals can invest in and develop both licensed and unlicensed renewable energy projects to generate electricity. EkoRE offers investors all essential services under one roof.


Industrial and Commercial

Many businesses today are faced with rising energy costs and declining competitiveness. These are some of the reasons why companies are adopting the sustainable and affordable solution of producing their own renewable energy, selling the surplus electricity back to the grid. In Turkey, businesses can install renewable energy systems with a capacity of up to 1 MW without a license, or can apply for a government license to install systems with capacities above 1 MW. Both licensed and unlicensed projects, located within specific electrical zones, can sell their surplus energy to the appropriate electricity distribution company. EkoRE provides a wide range of services for on-grid and off-grid solar, wind and biogas projects.

Commercial solar energy applications:

  • Rooftop
  • Ground-mounted
  • Solar car parks
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Residential Applications

Ev Uygulamaları

According to government regulations, residential systems up to 50 kW do not require a license. In a country that lacks an abundance of conventional energy sources, these residential regulations represent a great opportunity for homeowners. All residential renewable energy systems, below and above 50 kW, can both use the electricity produced and sell the surplus back to the electrical grid. These systems can be categorized into three groups: on-grid, off-grid and hybrid.



EkoRE provides solar-powered irrigation services to help communities lower costs and access the water they need. Depending on the intended use, solar-powered irrigation systems can transport water from one location to another and draw water from underground sources, allowing farmers to irrigate their crops or provide communities access to potable drinking water. Using solar energy to generate electricity requires little to no operation and maintenance costs.
Tarımsal Sulama

Agricultural Irrigation

The most energy-consuming feature of an irrigation system is the water pump and these systems usually source their electricity using traditional fuels such as diesel and gasoline. Using only solar energy, EkoRE develops irrigation systems that can draw high volumes of water from the ground, canals, streams and ponds. These irrigation systems allow farmers to increase their crop yield and variety.

Drinking Water

Realizing that communities across Turkey face challenges sourcing water, EkoRE has been developing solar-powered groundwater pump projects in order to provide villages with clean potable water. More affordable and reliable than conventional water supply systems, EkoRE’s solar-powered well systems enhance access to clean drinking water and contribute to a sustainable energy solution.


On-grid systems

These systems are generally used to reduce electricity costs or to sell the generated electricity back to the grid operator. In both cases, a connection point to the main electricity grid is needed.

Off-grid systems

These systems are ideal for locations too far away from the grid or when continuous energy supply is needed for a 24/7 operation. Batteries are crucial to the off-grid system in order to store the generated electricity and supply it when needed (e.g. at night).