EkoRE provides EPC, project development and consulting services for both licensed and unlicensed biogas power projects. From determining the regional capacity of a biogas power plant, to installation and power plant commissioning, we are committed to offering our customers high-quality, reliable service. EkoRE is always interested in forming strategic joint ventures to invest in and develop new biogas projects.
Biogaz Enerjisi

How Does Biogas Energy Work?

While biogas energy generation can use a variety of raw materials for a range of uses, EkoRE utilizes agricultural waste to produce electricity and heat for farms. Recoverable biogas energy potential is sourced from plant and animal waste and is fermented and converted into biogas (methane), which then operates a gas turbine to generate power. Any excess electricity is sold back to the grid. Identifying the variety and quantity of waste to be used is key to determining the structure and capacity of a biogas power plant.


Why Biogas?

Along with solar and wind energy, harnessing power from biogas to produce heat and electricity has clear advantages, especially in Turkey.

  • Organic waste is a widely available source of energy and naturally distributed
  • Properly managed biogas is low-carbon and more sustainable than conventional fuels
  • Domestic production produces energy independence
  • Producing energy in the place where it is consumed decreases the potential for electricity outages
  • Government-supported economic incentives encourage investment in biogas energy production