What We Do

Project Development

Project Development is an essential part of creating valuable renewable energy assets and involves the consideration of a range of issues. Prior to construction we select and evaluate sites for technical feasibility, assess all legal and environmental factors, secure land rights and power purchase agreements, and handle the project’s various permitting and approval processes.

Field Evaluation

An initial feasibility analysis: measuring the site’s position according to true south, evaluating the distance to the nearest transmission line, identifying whether the ground is suitable for construction, assessing the area’s energy needs and level of electricity consumption.

Post-Field Evaluation

  • Electrical Analysis:
    Analyzing the site’s compatibility with and proximity to the transmission lines and assessing all other conditions for electrical feasibility.
  • Legal & Environmental Analysis:
    Ensuring that the planned installation does not intrude on historic and cultural sites and has the lowest possible impact on local residents and the natural environment; assessing important ecological factors such as bird migration routes that also affect project development feasibility. 

Commercial Land Pricing

Assessing the land’s purchase price and current market prices to confirm the project’s commercial viability.

Legal Due Diligence

Checking the land registry for mortgages and foreclosures, and confirming that there are no legal constraints that may pose problems for investors.

Application to Distribution Company

To begin the application process, all required documents for unlicensed electricity production are prepared and submitted to the local distribution company.

  • Project Approval:
    Approval of electrical and structural project components within a specific time period and with the technical details stated in the distribution company’s call letter (the çağrı mektubu).
  • Zoning Approval:
    Review of the project application by eleven related government institutions in order to authorize the zoning permit. 


EkoRE’s engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services include everything from project design and engineering, to equipment procurement, system installation, and project delivery. Our goal is to always offer the highest-quality customer service.

Field Evaluation:

Our project development team will visit your location, evaluate the project’s site and prepare the most optimal design for your project.

Project Planning:

Our experienced engineering team works with the data gathered from the site to select the right project components and technical specifications. We will then run a comprehensive simulation to forecast the energy production of the system and evaluate project feasibility.

System Installation:

Following final project approval by our customer, we procure the highest-quality equipment and install the system on schedule, with safety and efficiency as our top priorities.

Delivery & Commissioning:

Once completed, every component of the new system is tested for mechanical and electrical integrity, and all information about the operation of the system is relayed to our customer.

Operations & Maintenance:

After commissioning the project, we offer operations and maintenance services to ensure the system’s maximum energy yield, using state-of-the-art technology to remotely monitor the system and instantly detect any problems or irregularities. EkoRE’s monitoring system allows customers to receive up-to-date information straight to their computer and cell phone. Our field technicians are trained to quickly intervene should any issues arise.




EkoRE invests in a wide range of renewable energy projects, with a focus on solar projects. In addition to developing our own projects, we also evaluate other potential investment opportunities that may fit our investment strategy. EkoRE completes its own in-house financial and engineering assessments, while also working with our partners and joint investors to invest in attractive business opportunities.