From smaller-scale residential and PV-powered irrigation systems, to larger industrial and utility-scale projects, EkoRE brings its customer-focused approach and expertise to each stage of every project. True to our vision and mission, EkoRE is also committed to investing in solar projects across Turkey and the region.

What is Solar Energy ?

Güneş Enerjisi

The sun’s rays provide the world with an endless supply of clean energy. Photovoltaics is the method of generating usable electricity directly from sunlight – the term is a blend of two words: photo, meaning light, and voltaic referring to the production of electricity.

Compared to conventional energy sources, harnessing solar energy from the sun is infinitely more reliable and sustainable.


Why Solar?

The many advantages of utilizing solar energy, compared to other energy sources, are driving the rapid growth of PV installations world-wide. Below are some benefits of going solar:

  • There are little to no operation and maintenance costs.
  • No fuel is required to produce solar energy, eliminating all fuel costs.
  • Generating electricity using a PV system emits no CO2, preventing environmental damage caused by energy consumption.
  • It’s good business: the average return on investment of a PV system is 5-8 years and, when well designed, an installed system will operate efficiently for up to 25 years.
  • Compared to other energy solutions, solar requires lower investment costs.
  • Solar systems can be quickly and easily installed.
  • With no moving parts, PV systems operate silently.
  • Investing in the solar sector creates job opportunities and contributes to local economies.
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Turkey's Solar Energy Advantage

Turkey has great potential when it comes to utilizing renewable energy sources. With one of the highest average solar irradiation levels in Europe, the country offers excellent conditions for solar energy generation. Moreover, there is a growing need for new sources of energy. With its lack of domestic conventional fuel sources, a growing economy and rising electricity demands (7% annual growth rate), solar energy is key to the country’s energy security. In terms of the industry’s investment landscape, the Turkish government supports the solar sector’s growth by offering investors attractive incentives and feed-in-tariffs. Turkey’s aim for 2023 is to reach 5 GW of installed solar capacity