EkoRE’s wind team provides consulting and project development services for all phases of wind power projects. We assess potential project locations, conduct resource and energy generation analyses, prepare sites and carry out the construction of projects, and ensure a smooth commissioning of fully operational wind farms and smaller-scale wind projects. We offer our services to both experienced wind investors, as well as those who are new to the industry.

What is Wind Power?

Wind power, like most other sources of energy, is converted energy from the sun, which radiates 174,423,000,000,000 kW-hours of energy onto the earth every hour. An estimated 1-2% of the sun’s energy on earth is converted naturally into wind energy and turbines can be used to convert the wind’s kinetic energy into mechanical power or electricity.

Wind turbines can be separated into two basic types – those that rotate around a horizontal axis, which are the most common, and turbines that rotate around a vertical axis. The energy needs of a project determine the size of the turbine.

Rüzgar Enerjisi

Why Wind ?

Rüzgar Enerjisi
  • Wind power projects offer rapid returns on investment.
  • Wind is a plentiful natural resource and is available for free worldwide.
  • Turbines produce useable power without emitting CO2 or other pollutants, representing a clean alternative to fossil fuels.
  • Wind turbines do not require large plots of land are compatible with agricultural land use.
  • In areas far from the power grid, wind turbines can be used to generate a home or business’s  electricity supply onsite.

Turkey's Wind Power Potential

Turkey has one of the highest wind energy potentials in Europe. Bordering three seas, Turkey has strong and constant winds, especially in the Marmara and Aegean Regions. Currently, Turkey is one of the top 20 countries for installed wind power capacity and will certainly move up that list as the country strives towards meeting its 20 GW wind goal for 2023.

The Turkish government’s renewable energy regulations include attractive incentives for wind power plants, made clear by the growing number of both domestic and foreign investors targeting the Turkish wind market.