EkoRE Video: PV-Powered Agricultural Irrigation Project


Şanliurfa, Turkey -- EkoRE's installed 65 kWp PV system and 30 kW ground pump can draw 1200 m3 of water from a 72 m well and is able to irrigate approximately 450,000 m2 of land. 

Rising energy costs has become one of the agricultural sector's most challenging problems. As Turkey's farmers know well, the most energy-consuming feature of an irrigation system is the water pump and these systems usually source their electricity using traditional fuels such as diesel and gasoline. Moreover, because much of the agricultural land is located in rural areas far from main power lines, electricity transmission in the farming sector require high investment costs.

In order to help farmers access the electricity and water needed to irrigate their crops, EkoRE develops and installs PV-powered irrigation systems that generate electricity on-site and can draw high volumes of water. We are looking forward to continuing this important work!

Check out our project video: